Bethel Christian Fellowship (BCF Hastings) ~J harrison webdesigner

Bethel Christian Fellowship:

A small, welcoming pentecostal christian fellowship moving in the Holy Spirit, in the Love of our Lord, in outreach to the community.


web designer- Jim Harrison.

Complete social presence

Jim comes from a solid retail background having worked within the retail sector and having  been a retail manager for over 5 years, worked within civil service, retail, catering, and voluntary sector, having worked within the Health & personal development field, where he was a coordinator for a health organisation with over 10,000 members and managed events planning, activities, talks.

 He got baptised, full immersion on Jan 29th 2012 and is a born-again Pentecostal Christian

Currently is retired through ill health/Disability, supporting Bethel Christian Fellowship develop, maintain, build and implement a full media internet outreach and Gospel evangelism.

Current projects cover:

to create Christian graphics for share across the internet; slideshows; pdfs; videos including

Educational media, studies, bible topics, study activities, self-study and media for virtual learning environment;

The maintenance and development of Bethel Christian fellowships blog site and interconnected social media;

Design signage, logos, branding, stationary for the church, assisting in clerical duties

% complete
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